Davit Gasparyan: Project Iran

In autumn of 2018 Davit Gasparyan started a new photography project called Iran. The main goal of this photography project was to illustrate nature pollution in Iran.

Davit Gasparyan: Project Armenia

Following the Davit Gasparyan project, I visited my motherland Armenia. I spent more than three months in Armenia to take pictures of season changing in Armenia’s nature.

Armenia has eye catching nature. Despite the fact that Armenia is َa small country but you can see variety diversity in nature. Every city has it’s own architecture style, culture and nature. Life style of people is different in every city.

Davit Gasparyan: Landscape photography

I Started a project call ‘Landscape Project’ in 2016 to travel all around the world to take picture of landscapes and nature in all around the world.

Davit Gasparyan Project focuses on culture, life style, architecture of different places, cities and countries around the world.

Because of Davit Gasparyan project I visited countries such as Armenia, Georgia, Iran and United states of America.

My next goal is to travel to Russia and take picture in different cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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